North Fork American River, North Fork Dam

Graph of Current Flow

Gage useful for the following whitewater runs:
See "The Best Whitewater in California" (Holbek and Stanley) for a full description runs. Difficulty at any particular flow and recommended optimal flow information on this page is based primarily on subjective and historical information provided in the Holbek and Stanley guide. Changes to the river channel, new strainers, and bad weather can have a significant impact on the difficulty and recommended flow of a run. Use the information on this page at your own risk. If you think the recommendations are no longer accurate for a particular run, please send your update to

NF AMERICAN RIVER (Generation Gap)
Tadpole Creek to Euchre Bar

Difficulty Flow Optimal
IV-V 600-2500 1200

Notes: Flow at put-in is about half of water measured at gage 40 miles downstream.

Euchre Bar to Colfax-Iowa Hill Rd

Difficulty Flow Optimal
IV-V 600-2500 1000


NF AMERICAN RIVER (Chamberlain Falls)
Colfax-Iowa Hill Rd to Yankee Jim's Rd

Difficulty Flow Optimal
III-IV+ 800-2500 1500


Yankee Jim's Rd to Pondersosa Way

Difficulty Flow Optimal
II+ 500-1500 1200
III >1500  

Notes: Also known as Shirttail Run and Big Bend Run