Michael J. Bean
PO Box 364
Coloma CA 95613
My objective is to design and develop Java software that enables new network access technologies. I enjoy tackling complex problems and working with emerging standards. I have deep routes in my community and have no desire to relocate. I am a productive telecommuter and can travel as needed.
Technical Skills
  • Java programming language
  • C programming language
  • Database design and access
  • Network security
  • Cryptography
  • Internet protocols
1998-Present Alcatel-Lucent, Cameron Park, CA
Senior Software Engineer

Designed and implemented a majority of software components for a authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) server written in Java. Components provided interfaces to external data sources including relational databases and LDAP directories, as well as external token based authentication servers.

Developed extensible authentication protocol framework and components used with Wi-Fi and WiMAX networks.

Provided cryptographic and public key infrastructure expertise and software to product.

Implemented numerous networking standards and protocols. Provided expert review of draft standards when standard required use of AAA server.

1994-1998 Oracle Corporation, Redwood Shores, CA
Principal Member of Technical Staff

Developed terrain generation software to visualize three dimensional scenes over the Internet. Software was written in Java and used the Oracle Internet Application Server and Spatial Data Cartridge.

Developed a message search engine and managed the internationalization of a Java IMAP4 mail client.

Redesigned the persistence subsystem of Oracle Media Objects, a cross platform multimedia tool used to author and deliver content for CD-ROM and set top boxes. New design eliminated file corruption and improve runtime performance.

Developed a data access extension for Oracle Media Objects. Implementation took advantage of new asynchronous calls in client database library allowing queries to execute while video and sound were playing.

Created Oracle Media Agents to allow applications written in Oracle Media Objects to access Oracle Office Mail over a network. The technology demonstrated many advantages of moving client processes to a middle tier to reduce network trips between the client and the mail server.

Primary engineer for SQL features of Oracle Glue, a portable data access library for client applications on Windows and Macintosh. Enhanced software to deal with multi-byte character sets and to improve performance when fetching data.

1992-1994 Metropolis Software, Inc., Palo Alto, CA
Software Engineer and Consultant

Designed and developed a distributed database middleware product. Product allowed remote database engines to replicate data changes using rule based transaction management and file transfers. Product was used to share data between sales teams and master repository.

Developed a number of client-server applications as a consultant to a computer manufacturer, a major bank, a biotech company, and an information provider. Applications involved database design as well as custom client development.

1990-1992 IDX Corporation, Burlington, VT
Senior Programmer

Installed and maintained medical software written in the MUMPS programming language.

Provided 24 hour emergency technical support to IDX customers.

Developed tools and libraries to assist the installation and version control of MUMPS software and data structures.

Trained new programmers on programming design and style to increase maintainability and reusability of MUMPS code.

1987-1990 United States Air Force, Tinker Air Force Base, OK
Computer and Communication Systems Plans and Programs Officer

Managed manpower, budget, and assets as Division Chief of the Support Directorate of the US Air Force Command and Control Systems Center. Developed database application to manage manpower resources.

Provided program management and engineering skills as an Assistant Program Manager of the Plans and Programs Directorate of the US Air Force Command and Control Systems Center.

1995-1997 Windows NT Programming, Java Programming, and Intro to Geographic Information Systems courses
University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
1994 Windows 3.1 Programming
University of California Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA
1989-1990 12 credits towards an MBA/MIS degree
Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma City, OK
1983-1987 BS in Computer and Systems Engineering
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY
Community Involvement
2003-2007 Board Member, American River Conservancy
2003-2007 Trails Advisory Committee, El Dorado County
2003-2004 Bicycle Advisory Committee, El Dorado County Transportation Commission
2000-2004 River Management Advisory Committee, El Dorado County
1998-2002 Regional Coordinator, American Whitewater
Whitewater kayaking, skiing, mountain biking, backpacking, and adventure travel.